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Public Relations & Crisis Management

Public Relations

Your reputation, and that of your organization, is invaluable.  Understanding and controlling how you are perceived by the public can change your trajectory for success.  Blackford Carls’ understands the importance of creating and maintaining a reputation that reflects your mission and values. From how your organization appears in the media, to press releases, newsletters, and social media campaigns, all can impact you and your organization’s reputation and legal exposure.  For example, a well-timed and well-executed press release can have a bigger outreach and impact on your organization’s image and brand recognition, than spending thousands of dollars on direct marketing advertisements.  Blackford Carls helps ensure your media representations, crisis communication, and content development comply with Montana law and do not put you at risk for a lawsuit, while also ensuring your image is maintained.  

Being thoughtful about your organization’s public relationships helps protect your brand reputation, business values and community relationships.  The goal of public relations is to inform the public, including prospective customers, investors, and others, about the organization and convince them to have a positive view of the organization and its reputation.  Integrating public relations into your organization will provide more benefits and opportunities than advertising and marketing can offer.  Investing in ensuring your communications are both legal and effective, can save you money in the long run and create sustainability for your organization. 

Crisis Management

Crisis is not a matter of if, but when. Crisis occurs when a negative event or review related to your organization gains traction in the public. Many organizations assume that they are immune from a crisis and do not plan for how to deal with one.  This can result in significant damages, including financial losses, harm to stakeholders, and even termination of the organization.  While many of us view public relations crises as major scandals, like Watergate or the Exxon Valdez oil spill, crisis can come in many forms, from data hacks to employee bad acts.  Even the smallest issues, like a bad business review, can have lasting impacts. Having a proactive plan and response to crisis helps organizations not only succeed but develops a positive culture and reflects on the organization’s leadership.  


When an event or crisis threatens your organization’s reputation and image, navigating legal hurdles and coming up with a crisis plan are important.  While public relations firms can assist with this process, they may not know the legal impacts and risks associated with certain actions.  Our attorneys work closely with public relations professionals to come up with plan to act quickly so your organization is protected, both legally and professionally. 


Evaluating and responding to a crisis can include: 

  • Assessing and understanding the problem

  • Reacting quickly and appropriately to the problem

  • Developing a communication plan

  • Developing a crisis management plan, including steps to repair damage and preventing the crisis from occurring in the future

  • Testing a crisis management plan

  • Working with customers and others to rebuild your brand


Whether you are looking to integrate public relations into your organization or dealing with a crisis, Blackford Carls can help.

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