• Sherine Blackford

Even Law Firms are Remote Now

Between the coronavirus pandemic and our office being under construction for almost a year, Blackford Carls P.C. is seasoned in operating a law firm fully remotely. Our firm has employees across the country that work from their home states for our Montana law firm. Navigating time zones and building rapport are challenging in this system, but it is rewarding to bring different perspectives together.

The most critical element to operating a law firm remotely is maintaining effective communication within the virtual office and with clients. Zoom is undoubtedly an important tool in the new digital age and our firm frequently uses it for inter-office meetings. We also use Google Chat, which helps us keep informal lines of communication open with our team. Google Chat is a good virtual substitute for popping into an office to ask a quick question.

E-filing documents with the court helps expedite the filing process and eliminates paper copies. Confidentiality in keeping these virtual documents is achieved by using secure software and proper data storage. Saving everything in the same universal software online also ensures that all employees have access from wherever they are working.

In this new world, it is helpful when clients are willing to adapt to Zoom conferences instead of in person. When weather or traveling is a challenge, it can be more

convenient for clients to join meetings from their own homes. The evolving world also lets clients and employees Zoom into court hearings and trials that might otherwise be too far away or inconvenient.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we are more adaptable and resilient to change than ever. The ability to switch to remote work when something unexpected happens is critical to keeping our offices open and available during interferences like long construction projects.

Blackford Carls P.C. better serves our clients by offering either remote services or in-person, whichever is your preference.