• Sherine Blackford

Focus Groups for Better Litigation

One of the hardest parts of a trial is guessing how a jury might interpret your case. This guessing game is ended by a new tool for attorneys: focus groups. With the help of Elizabeth Larrick of Larrick Law Firm P.C. in Austin, Texas, Blackford Carls P.C. often focus groups cases and learns valuable feedback from real people. Additionally, focus groups make the attorneys at Blackford Carls P.C. better advocates for our clients.

Focus groups can help at any stage of a litigation – when deciding to take a case, identifying weaknesses and strengths, and how to best argue and present the case to a jury. The participants act as a mock jury and give their opinions on a presentation about the case.

The participant selection can also be tailored to give insight on how particular jurors might lean. For example, if a case involves a lawsuit against a farmer and attorneys were worried about how other farmers would lean, the focus group can be tailored to address this.

Focus groups importantly help attorneys identify the weaknesses in the case. Based on the feedback, we then improve our presentation and argument to better communicate the case at trial.

Focus groups like those Blackford Carls P.C. has done with Larrick Law Firm make us better and more effective attorneys for our clients. The focus groups are a unique and necessary tool for complex cases. If you have a case that could benefit from our attorneys, please contact Blackford Carls P.C. at 406.577.2145.