• Sherine Blackford

Recent Yellowstone Flooding and Property Damage

Massive flooding of the Yellowstone River has devastated communities in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. The communities of Gardiner, Livingston, and Red Lodge have been particularly damaged. Homes have been completely swept away in the raging river and others being severely damaged. The communities in the Greater Yellowstone rely heavily on tourism. Much of Yellowstone National Park and access to other tourist attractions are closed. Typically, the Paradise Valley is full of visitors enjoying its beauty and excellent outdoor recreation. Now, it feels like a ghost town. Because of the property damage and lack of tourism, businesses and workers are suffering.

Communities whose economies are driving by agriculture have also been hard hit. In Fromberg, Montana, with a population of around 400, almost 100 homes have been destroyed or damaged according to the Associated Press. The community is working hard to come together and rebuild.

Senator Tester, Senator Daines, and Representative Rosendale support the request Governor Gianforte made to President Biden to declare the flooding a major disaster. Such a declaration makes available federal resources to recover from this disaster and rebuild Montana’s lost infrastructure.

Yellowstone River prior to flooding.
Yellowstone River prior to flooding.

As water levels recede and Yellowstone National Park prepares to reopen, the full extent of the damage to homes and businesses is being realized. It is important to know your rights during these difficult times. Insurance for homes and businesses may provide benefits for lost and damaged property, rental costs while unable to live at home or use the business property, and lost income, among other losses. It is important to document the property lost and damaged as soon as possible, creating lists of items destroyed and lost, estimating their value, and taking pictures of the damage.

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