• Monica

Reflections of our Summer Law Clerk

My name is Monica and I am a law student at Lewis & Clark Law School. This summer I had the pleasure of working as Blackford Carls P.C.’s virtual law clerk from my home in Portland, Oregon.

This was my first real legal job, and it was enlightening for me to see how a firm operates day-to-day and how I could help in different ways. In law school, we learn from textbooks and read about the law on paper, so it was a different and complementary experience to work more hands-on with a firm on client issues. This summer I wrote research papers to inform the attorneys how a case might turn out, drafted contracts and briefs that were eventually used, and helped with other odd tasks that arose.

While a fully virtual internship was not the model used 3 years ago, I think it was a valuable lesson in how work could play out in the years to come. The pandemic changed everyone’s idea of what a typical job might look like, and it was important for me to see what works for me going forward. But now, after working with Montanans for a few months, I do feel a pull to come see Bozeman and meet the people with whom I have been working all summer.

As a young woman entering her legal career, it was also a great pleasure to work with two accomplished female attorneys. It is daunting entering a typically male-dominated profession but watching these women navigate systems that were not always welcoming to us was empowering and something that I will always carry with me.

I enjoyed working with Blackford Carls P.C. and know that this is not the end of my time with them. There is a whole previously unexplored world of opportunity for me in trial advocacy and Montana that I am so glad I found with Blackford Carls P.C.